Back Pain Help

Back pain in general and lower back pain specifically is one of the leading causes of disability throughout the world. Over 80% of population in the developed world suffers from back pain on either ongoing basis or at a point in their life. Most episodes resolve within the first 6 weeks, but but the outcome of recovery depends on multiple factors. Back pain can be a result of a sports injury, work injury, car accident or simply overdoing it with yard or housework. Back pain may also be a symptom of more serious disease, which is why if it began without any obvious trigger it is always recommended to see a healthcare practitioner for a thorough examination and diagnosis. If you have back pain and require help, we are here for you!

If you suffer from back pain wether recent in onset or chronic, get in touch with us. We offer a wide variety of approaches to suit your situation and preference. At South Barrie Health Group we utilize passive pain control techniques, as well as patient tailored active rehabilitation programs to end pain and keep you healthy and pain free. Our team possesses both experience and latest evidence based skills to safely and effectively address your specific case. With over 25 years of combined clinical experience in muskuloskeletal injury management we will find an approach that suits your needs and preferences.

Back pain may be a result of injury to a large range of structures in and around your spine. It can also be a result of injury or dysfunction in areas adjacent to the spine such as your hip. For this reason thorough diagnosis is necessary to make sure that we are focusing on the right area. The following are examples of symptoms that may be associated with back pain.

  • Pain in the upper, mid or lower back
  • Pain in your flank
  • Pain in the tailbone area
  • Pain in the hip region
  • Pain spreading down one or both legs
  • Numbness in the leg, calf, foot or toes
  • Tingling in the leg, calf, foot or toes
  • Burning in the leg, calf, foot or toes

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms give us a call. We will carefully assess, diagnose and effectively treat your condition. Chiropractors and physical therapists can be instrumental to resolving your back pain. Get in touch with us if you have back pain and require help. We would be happy to assist. Consultation is always free!

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