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Headaches come in all shapes in sizes. A large percentage of population suffers from one of the four types of Headaches: Tension, Cervicogenic, Migraine, or Cluster. We offer a wide variety of headache treatment approaches for your particular situation.

A large portion of headaches in today’s population generates from the structures of the neck and shoulders. In many instances it is a function of the type of work and activity we engage with in today’s world. Improper prolonged postures lead to musculoskeletal imbalances that if left without addressing can compound to a variety of issues as well as headaches. Headache treatment in such cases would need to focus as much on areas adjacent to the apparent area of concern as much as at the site of pain.

Another common cause of headaches are acute injuries of the neck, such as with whiplash type injury, experienced with motor vehicle accidents. For example, acute injury of the muscles of the neck or upper shoulder can cause referred pain. Referral pattern oftentimes extends towards the top of the neck and cause headaches.

We offer a variety of approaches to address, eliminate or significantly reduce the causes of the first three types of headaches. We will take the time to obtain a thorough history and provide an accurate diagnosis to address your specific headache. From there we will devise a plan that works for you to get your headache under control.

If you are suffering from headaches, we would like to offer you a free consultation.

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