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Active Release Technique

Active release technique BarrieHow Can Active Release Technique Help With Your Pain?

The objective of this non-invasive procedure is to relieve tissue tension as well as reduce pain after soft tissue injuries. They may include accumulating scar tissue due to one or several injuries. Those affected by pain sensation in the lower back, shoulder, etc., including professional sportspeople, can benefit from this kind of therapy if they have soft tissue disorders. The possibilities of introducing the Active Release Technique (also known as Active Release Therapy) are not limited to the above conditions. It can also deal with more complex issues connected with soft tissue injuries. Both acute and chronic conditions can be treated using this technique.

ART therapy is a procedure consisting of a combination of manipulation and movement. It can identify, isolate, and break down scar tissue. Consequently, stiffness is reduced, and movement capabilities (ligaments, nerves, etc.) are improved. Certified healthcare professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists have been applying active release technique for decades. It has helped them treat a wide range of medical conditions and injuries of muscles, fascia, and tendons.

How Does the ART Therapy Session Look Like?

This treatment involves precise pressure in the required areas targeting irritable nerve points and muscle tension. This may feel uncomfortable for the patient; nevertheless, it is known to be a quicker and more effective solution than medication. After it, patients can benefit from improved flexibility, movement, strength, and pain reduction in as little as one session for some cases.

Active Release Technique aims to help those with numbness in the fingers, stiffness in the neck, joints, and back, as well as tingling.

Example of ART Therapy

To aid the treatment of a muscle injury, the therapist employs a specific combination of tension and motion to the affected area. To do that, he/she places your muscles in a shortened state and then lets you lengthen them. At the same time, tension is applied to the affected area with his/her hands. This action is usually repeated in several areas to achieve the full release.

At South Barrie Health Group, we understand that soft tissue injuries can cause severe pain. We are dedicated to helping you relieve your pain. Our experienced specialists utilize the latest active release technique practices to effectively treat soft tissues, including nerves, so that they can function at full capacity.