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At Home Physical Therapy With Teletherapy

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South Barrie Health Group provides teletherapy – remote physiotherapy for our patients. Through this virtual physiotherapy visit, patients can conveniently receive help in the comfort of their own homes. Benefits include time & cost savings, less chance of catching illnesses, and more. 

It can help treat the same conditions that would otherwise be treated in person – sports injuries, postoperative recovery, self-joint mobilizations, etc. Our clients are not only professional sportspeople but also 

  • older adults, 
  • post-surgery patients,
  • people injured in a car accident,
  • individuals with acute or chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, hands, back, legs, knees, feet, etc.

Patients can take an active role in their recovery through this type of care while improving their overall health. 

In-Person vs. Teletherapy

So, how does this type of care compare to in-person physio? In-person physiotherapy requires the patient to be on-site at the clinic, whereas tele-rehab involves logging in from home. The approach of teletherapy involves a secure messenger conversation (Facetime, Whatsapp, etc.) between the therapist and the patient.

Although one may not think so, you may have many benefits of in-person treatment with virtual sessions. For example, patients feel more comfortable talking in their environment and providing more information. This, in turn, allows the therapist to understand the situation better and find the best solution. 

How Does a Treatment Session Look Like?

During the treatment sessions, our physiotherapist will assess your injured area and overall function to enable him/her to tailor a rehab plan that best suits your needs. 

Standard practices of teletherapy include 

  • learning how to control pain symptoms, 
  • patient education, 
  • movement analysis, 
  • exercises. 

Ultimately, your virtual rehab sessions should help you get stronger and more confident while allowing you to return to the activities you love.

What you will have to do after the session may include rest, applying heat or ice, stretching, or some other actions recommended in your case.

Will Teletherapy Help?

So, if you want virtual physiotherapy, rest assured that our experienced and caring physiotherapists can provide you with professional support. In the long run, you will start feeling better, stronger, and gain more control. 

Our team of physiotherapists is dedicated to providing customizable, convenient, and effective services to help you reach your goals. Do not hesitate even a moment to call or email us. Let us help you return to a life full of pain-free movement.