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Chronic pain

Chronic painDo You Have To Face Chronic Pain?

Having persistent, bothersome suffering hindering your physical capabilities? If so, our physical therapy can guide you to chronic pain relief, even if you had unsuccessful prior experience.

Pain doesn’t always have a habitual effect. It may remain days, weeks, or even many months due to any underlying condition. It may even be hard to manage using typical medications. When it continues for three or more months, it is referred to as “chronic pain,” which is both physically and psychologically exhausting. 

Generally, people resume their regular activities after an injury or surgical operation and do not experience any further pain. Sadly, this is not the case for some individuals, and they find themselves in constant pain and discomfort, sometimes even without a clear cause. 

If you have difficulties performing day-to-day tasks because of chronic pain, it is necessary to get to the root cause in order to have the chronic pain relief you need. 

At South Barrie Health Group, we have already addressed chronic pain in a great number of patients. Our specialists know how to find an effective approach and elaborate the chronic pain relief program individually for each patient. Call us or leave a message to book an appointment and get back on track with your life.

What are the causes of chronic pain?

Generally, it starts from neurophysiology. Illness, tension, and depression entangle in a multifaceted network that stresses your nervous system. It may manifest itself in several forms, most commonly – back pain, joint ache, nerve pain, or headaches. 

The possible reasons may be the following: 

Car Accidents

About 1/5 of all individuals involved in motor-vehicle accidents got chronic pain in the succeeding weeks. The pain will not disappear on its own. However, a physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist can play a facilitating role in reducing it. 

Excessive Load

Overload traumas are frequent and can originate from regular physical exertion (muscles or joints). Standing, walking, being engaged in labor activity, exerting, and how these activities are practiced can be exhausting for the body. Inappropriate exercise techniques can lead to constant pain, which may demand chronic pain relief in the future. 


Numerous diseases can induce chronic pain: arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, etc. Physiotherapy is beneficial in curing the above diseases that cause chronic pain. 


Having surgery to deal with body problems may become a reason for pain in post-surgery times. This might make you perform additional (supporting) movements to compensate for the pain – in this case, joints and muscles around the injury start working more than usual to compensate for the injured areas. It is ok if it does not last long, but other body parts and organs may suffer from incorrect body mechanics if it does. Such movements, non-characteristic to a person prior to the surgery, may lead to even more pain. 

In this case, opt for physical therapy for chronic pain relief to facilitate the treatment and avoid any future discomfort.

Other causes

Among other causes are poor posture habits, wearing high-heeled shoes, etc. But at times, it can be quite difficult to determine the origin of the lasting pain. It’s even more intricate if the initial cause has already been healed physically, yet the suffering continues due to psychological implications. 

Chronic pain can influence your life, damaging your self-esteem and resulting in anger or frustration. In the long run, this “pain-emotions-pain” cycle turns into a vicious circle. The distress can amplify the pain; likewise, when one is suffering, one is more likely to have depression. Moreover, pain can interfere with sleep quality and increase stress levels.

How Can We Help You

Let South Barrie Health Group aid you if you struggle with chronic pain. We offer a multifaceted approach to alleviating discomfort ranging from limited flexibility to reliance on medicine and even depression. 

To do that, our qualified team of physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists will examine you to define the most appropriate methodology for chronic pain relief. They will search for imbalances in your body, evaluate the movement amplitude of your joints, and, after that, create a specific plan suited to your individual needs. Once the protocol is established, they’ll craft an at-home regimen to ensure continued betterment. If you wish to combat your chronic pain, this is your chance to make a change. We will help you with that. Book an appointment with South Barrie Health Group now!