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Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain treatment BarrieWhat is Chronic Pain Treatment?

Pain is considered chronic when it persists for more than three months. This pervasive form of pain can arise for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • accidents,
  • injuries from repeated actions (walking, working, lifting, etc.), 
  • surgery (in a post-surgery period, you may have to compensate for pain by changing your movement pattern, which may cause additional pain), 
  • diseases.

It manifests itself as a lasting pain in the back, head, joints, or other body parts and is not limited by age. It can also be linked to a person’s emotional state. People who feel depressed or anxious often discover that their pain intensity is greater. 

South Barrie Health Group offers chronic pain treatment that can help patients find relief by improving their physical abilities. Our physiotherapists help manage chronic pain by establishing a treatment plan and identifying practical ways to help. Specialists in this field use a multidisciplinary approach that considers the biological, psychological, and social aspects.

The aim of managing chronic pain is to reduce the pain intensity and find ways to minimize its impact on a person’s life. It can involve 

  • physical activities, 
  • relaxation techniques, 
  • improving sleep quality, and more.

Physiotherapists can work with those suffering from chronic pain to come up with a treatment plan tailored to their needs. This includes physical therapy and pieces of advice on movement, posture, and how to achieve goals. 

How Can We Help You Manage Chronic Pain?

After a comprehensive evaluation, our team will create a personalized chronic pain treatment plan based on your condition and other related needs. This plan will encompass a range of specialized techniques and modalities to alleviate pain and discomfort. Our dedicated therapists will employ gentle manual therapies to promote the restoration of soft tissue and joint mobility. Additionally, exercises will be incorporated to enhance your strength and overall well-being. Your chronic pain treatment plan extends beyond the clinic, encompassing an at-home program ensuring continued health and optimal activity levels. Our goal is to ease the pain and provide you with the tools necessary for a long-term solution.

Patients May Have Doubts

Some patients may feel worried about physiotherapy, exercise, or activity because they’ve had bad experiences in the past. Often they are afraid of having more pain.

For example, pacing is a helpful technique where patients learn to take short breaks before their pain or other symptoms, like tingling sensations, become more intense. This approach prevents the nervous system from getting overwhelmed. Patients can effectively manage their pain by changing how they approach activities and use psychological strategies. As time passes, they discover they can accomplish more without experiencing increased pain. It helps them feel more confident and form positive feedback.

Self-Help Strategies

On your way to healing, you may encounter self-help strategies you can employ to treat chronic pain. They may include participating in regular exercise, such as walking, swimming, gardening, and dancing, as well as relaxation techniques, support groups, distraction activities, and developing good sleep patterns. As you can see, there are several measures individuals can take to alleviate chronic pain.

Experts at South Barrie Health Group are aware of the complexities of different kinds of pain and how they can influence a person’s life. Our chronic pain treatment program will help those suffering from pain find the relief they need for a more fulfilling life.

Any Questions?

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