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Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy BarrieWhat Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is a therapeutic technique known since Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. It was utilized for pain treatment, to promote relaxation, and ease inflammation. Nowadays, cupping therapy in Barrie is used not only for treating pain or tightness in the muscles but can also speed up rehabilitation after some ailments. The fact that contemporary athletes use it for post-training recovery speaks for its popularity.

Cupping therapy is placing cups of different sizes on the body, stationary or moving around. It creates suction and lifts the skin and underlying muscles for up to 3 minutes. This procedure improves blood flow in the injured areas, helping treat various conditions, from back and leg pain to fever and abdominal pain. Cupping therapy in Barrie has proven effective for rehabilitation and recovery after car accidents, sports injuries, and everyday traumas.

How Does Cupping Feel Like?

Patients compare their sensations during cupping to that of a deep tissue massage. It is not painful but may result in circular cupping marks on the skin that typically last around a week. Despite certain hesitations, many people attest to the positive effects of cupping therapy in Barrie, making it an effective complementary remedy for various conditions.

In addition to aiding physical health, cupping therapy can also benefit those who feel anxious or exhausted. It is a versatile treatment that can be adapted according to the individual’s needs.

How Does Cupping Therapy Session Look Like?

First, our specialists will assess the patient’s condition to determine if cupping is the best treatment for his/her case. 

The procedure may not look as traditional as other medical procedures, but its effectiveness has been proven many times. Our experienced physical therapists will put herbs, alcohol, or paper in the cup and set it on fire. After that, they will place the cup on the patient’s skin. The cooling air creates a vacuum effect (suction) inside the cup, promoting increased hydration, relaxation, blood circulation, and lymphatic fluids. 

You may find the sensation a bit unusual as your muscle tissue is gently drawn up into the cup. It will be a deeply calming and relaxing experience as your body adjusts. Your practitioner may also opt to apply some oil to make the cup slide, similar to a massage. Whatever your individual needs, this therapy can help relieve areas of pain. 

Our physiotherapists use three different cupping techniques: longitudinal (moving the cups along the muscle fibers), cross-fiber, and circular. Their difference is how the physiotherapist glides the cups on the patient’s skin and depends on the patient’s condition, the presence of scar tissue, and the phase of the procedure (e.g., the circular technique is used at the end of the procedure).

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For those experiencing pain or injury, cupping therapy in Barrie is a great way to receive a thorough massage and lead the body to optimal condition. South Barrie Health Group offers various services to help those suffering from pain or seeking rehabilitation after injuries. You will receive individualized care from our trained professionals by scheduling an appointment.