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Dry Needling Treatment

Dry needling treatment BarrieWhat is Dry Needling Treatment?

Dry needling is a technique during which a physiotherapist inserts a sterile, fine needle into a muscle requiring physiotherapeutic attention. This procedure reduces pain by releasing painful points on the patient’s body (trigger points), which appear because the muscle works too much or insufficiently. If not treated on time, this may cause changes in tissues, even those located far from them. 

Dry needling in Barrie is a clinically proven procedure that provides lasting relief from a variety of problems, such as 

  • neck and back pain, 
  • headache, 
  • muscle strain, etc.,
  • and can help in case of sport-related muscle issues. 

Physiotherapists can customize dry needling treatment to ensure maximum comfort. It does not have dangerous consequences when compared with taking medication.

It is easy to explain if you are wondering what is the difference between dry and wet needling. Dry one does not require an injection of any substance for the procedure, while the wet one does.

Is Dry Needling the Same as Acupuncture?

Please be advised that dry needling may look similar to acupuncture, but these are two different procedures. The philosophy of dry needling in Barrie is based on the scientific principles of Western medicine. In comparison, acupuncture’s objective is to balance energy in the body. 

How Will Your Treatment Session Look Like

Our physiotherapist uses extremely thin, sterile needles during the session, so the procedure is generally safe and painless. Our skilled and experienced acupuncturist is here to ensure that treatment sessions cause minimal to no discomfort.

After interviewing you to determine the best approach to treating your condition, your physiotherapist will start the session with a method best suited to your needs. The aim is to produce a slight muscle twitch, an important indicator of accurate needle placement and successful treatment. This therapy also helps reduce the concentration of inflammation and factors that can cause further pain and discomfort. Besides, dry needling in Barrie decreases the amount of undesired chemicals around the trigger point.

The number of treatment sessions needed depends on the nature of your condition. You can feel pain relief shortly after the first session, or more than one session may be required to ensure long-term muscle health. 

While occasional post-treatment soreness may be expected, it should fade within 24-48 hours of your session. Those with sore muscles after the sessions may find relief by applying heat and/or cold and drinking water.

Need a Free Consultation?

If you have musculoskeletal issues or inflammation which require treatment, contact South Barrie Health Group for a free consultation to determine if dry needling is the best treatment for you. Due to our extensive experience, we know how to combine dry needling in Barrie with exercises and other types of physical therapy for an even more effective and faster recovery. Whether you are an athlete with sore muscles or have chronic pain due to repetitive tasks, we can help you using strictly scientific methods.

Booking an appointment with us is easy and convenient – you can either do it online in less than a minute or give us a call to get a time slot that best suits you. If you ever need to change the appointment time, just contact us.