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Electric Stimulation Therapy

Electrical stimulation therapy BarrieWhat Is Electric Stimulation Therapy?

Electric Stimulation (e-stim) is one of the physical therapy methods. It can be a viable, safe, and reliable solution for people needing relief from pain or muscular stimulation. Its use is commonplace among patients who are seeking relief from numerous medical conditions and requiring 

  • treatment of low back pain and muscle strains, 
  • improvement of coordination,
  • boosting circulation,
  • treatment of neurological disorders, etc.


An electrode with an adhesive layer is placed on the treatment area within the electronic muscle stimulation procedure. Then a wire connects the electrode to the unit, which, by way of electricity, acts upon the required nerves (sensory and/or those responsible for motor functions).

Pain Management

Such conditions are the most frequent cause of the EMS treatment being prescribed. The effect of electric stimulation is made possible through the stimulation of the nerve fibers, which produce an analgesic effect, diminish the pain sensation, and prime the release of transmitters that extend the pain-relieving effects.

Electric stimulation is a safe procedure that can be applied even on the anterior neck. The intensity of the current is adjustable to suit the sensitivity of each patient, mitigated by the different modes within electric stimulation. 

Electric Stimulation for Muscle-Related Conditions

When required, e-stim imitates signals sent by nervous system cells to make muscles contract. The related benefit is that this improves blood flow restoring muscle injury. EMS treatment also increases strength and improves the condition of the immobilized ones or those affected by stroke. Such a procedure “teaches” muscles to react to signals sent to them.

Citing a recent study, Electric Stimulation improves muscular function in those having rheumatoid arthritis, demonstrating how effective electrical stimulation can be. Injury recovery and muscle circulation aren’t the only things e-stim helps with; it has also been known to 

  • decrease swelling, 
  • provide treatment of nerve inflammation,
  • decrease muscle weakness,
  • enhance range of motion, 
  • help recover after surgery, etc.

That being said, one should not treat e-stim as a first-line treatment. It does become an option only when other treatments, such as exercises using weights, stretching, and massage, fail to address an issue. 

Application of Electric Stimulation

You can expect to be in a comfortable, stress-free environment at each appointment throughout the treatment process.

The application of EMS treatment looks as follows: 

  1. When undergoing electric stimulation, your skin will be cleansed in the treatment area, and your physiotherapist will guide you through the entire process.
  2. Firstly, e-stim electrodes are placed over the area which needs treatment, followed by the attachment of wires to the pads. 
  3. Then an electrical stream is passed through into the skin, where the tingling sensation is either heightened or weakened depending on the purpose.
  4. You feel pain relief, or your muscles become stronger.

All in all, ask your physical therapist to decide whether this is the proper treatment for your condition!

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