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Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain treatment BarrieStop Living With Foot and Ankle Pain

Pain in the feet and ankles is something all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. This part of the body is complex, containing more than 20 bones, more than 30 joints, and is held together by a network of soft tissue. 

Foot and ankle pain can significantly affect the quality of life and limit independent functioning. In the beginning, it is easy to manage pain with rest and ice. Treatment from a healthcare expert may be required for cases of pain lasting longer than a few months. 

Why Do You Have Foot or Ankle Pain?

Pain can occur suddenly due to an acute injury or develop over time due to an underlying health condition. Common causes of this kind of pain are inflammation, sudden injuries, arthritis, wear of joints, being overweight, or something more prosaic like bad-fitting shoes.

  • · Bursitis can happen when the bursae sacs, which protect the bones, become irritated and inflamed. 
  • · Fractures (cracks in bones) occur when the bones are subjected to too much force, resulting in swelling, pain, and the need for time off work for the healing. People with osteoporosis, which makes bones fragile, are at a higher risk of getting a stress fracture.
  • · Sprains and strains result from a ligament getting stretched too much or torn, and a muscle or tendon being painfully stretched. 
  • · Arthritic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune condition, when the immune system attacks the body cells) and osteoarthritis (most commonly due to aging, overweight, or repetitive actions), attack the joints and disable movement. They are among the most common causes of foot and ankle pain,
  • · Tarsal tunnel syndrome is an inflammation of the nerve running from the ankle to the foot,
  • · Flat feet (very low arch or no arch), which occur when the tendons do not properly pull together, 
  • · Achilles tendonitis due to the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, often caused by overusing or injuring it.
  • · Gout and infection can also cause ankle discomfort. 

To properly treat any of these conditions, it is best to see South Barrie Health Group experts as soon as possible. 

Self-Care Measures to Manage the Pain

To ease the foot and ankle pain, you may use the effective RICE technique in the comfort of your home:

  • rest (try not to take any weight on the injured extremity), 
  • ice (reduces swelling), 
  • compression (use elastic bandage),
  • elevation (keep your foot elevated above your heart level). 

Additionally, supportive footwear, a healthy weight, and a regular exercise regime prevent the risk of further injuries.

By doing physical exercises to increase the strength of muscles, you lessen the strain on the feet and ankles, making them more resilient. Stretching before exercising is also important. It can aid in keeping the soft tissue flexible and help them maintain their strength.

But if your condition requires additional attention, physical therapy is a great way to reduce pain and speed up recovery. 

How Does Physical Therapy Help Manage Your Pain?

A treatment plan developed by South Barrie Health Group experts can help you in your rehabilitation. Our physical therapists will find the causes of the foot and ankle pain first and then focus on improving the function of the foot and ankle without using medication or surgery.

By taking proper steps, your pain can be successfully treated.

What to Expect from Your Treatment Session

South Barrie Health Group is dedicated to providing real relief from foot and ankle pain, whether acute or chronic. Our team will conduct an exam to diagnose your condition and create a tailored treatment plan for your foot or ankle pain. The treatment program often consists of a combination of exercises and manual therapy techniques. Their objective is to strengthen muscles and restore mobility. Furthermore, we will recommend the changes you should make to your everyday life to prevent further issues. If required in your case, we may recommend orthotic footwear. 

Being devoted to your recovery and committed to easing your foot and ankle pain, we invite you to contact us to book a free consultation. We can help you get rid of undesirable foot and ankle pain through customized therapies and get you back into the swing of life.