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Graston Therapy

Graston therapy BarriePhysiotherapy Technique Aimed at Reducing Pain – Graston Therapy

The Graston therapy technique is an advanced form of manual therapy for pain relief and scar tissue breakup. Its distinctive feature is using special instruments to facilitate therapy delivery to soft tissues. It aims to relieve musculoskeletal pain and injuries (including chronic pain and sports traumas) as well as restore movement.

During Graston treatment sessions, this technique is combined with therapeutic exercises. It is commonly used to manage pain in

  • lower back, 
  • wrist,
  • shoulder,
  • head, etc.

Rupture or scarring of soft tissue surrounding muscles, nerves, and fascia can cause decreased mobility and pain. If the condition is not managed correctly, it may become chronic and result in further discomfort. Graston therapy technique not only helps to ease the pain but also contributes to reducing inflammation and lowering the need for medications. Along with that, Graston treatment boosts blood flow to the injured area and can further stimulate the healing process. By providing increased circulation, this method can be beneficial in relieving symptoms and enhancing the recovery process.

Treatment Process

During the treatment session, our physiotherapist rubs the instruments over the soft tissues to make them receptive to treatment. The amount and speed of pressure applied depend on the nature of the injury and will vary. After the Graston treatment, the physiotherapist will begin stretching procedures. The patient may be advised to use ice packs in case of discomfort. By implementing a combination of instrument-assisted manipulation, stretching, and therapeutic exercise, this treatment enables more effortless movement for the patient, separation of muscle fibers (in case of their cross-linking), and breaking down of scar tissue.

Want To Know More About Graston Therapy?

Graston therapy has proved itself as an effective treatment for decreasing treatment time. The results of this therapeutic process are, indeed, quite beneficial. They have been widely recognized in many clinical settings.

Physiotherapists and chiropractors use this technique in the management of various musculoskeletal issues, such as tendinitis and muscle sprains. It has also been used to treat nerve disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, and radiculopathies. 

As part of a curriculum at various institutions and applied in many medical clinics, Graston treatment is used by professional and amateur sportspeople across the globe. At South Barrie Health Group, we encourage individuals seeking relief and recovery to contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

How Will Your Graston Treatment Look Like

The process itself centers on using tools of different shapes to “scan” the deeper layers of the skin and detect adhesions and scar tissue. It involves light pressure on the affected areas, and its goal is to break up any accumulated adhesions (buildup of soft tissue). At the same time, the Graston technique eliminates other factors contributing to pain and discomfort.

Such massage may involve reintroducing a minor trauma to the affected area. This procedure could cause temporary inflammation and an increase in blood flow, which helps the healing of soft tissues. Treatment is then applied through the body’s kinetic chain. This means that pain in the back, for instance, could be treated in other seemingly remote places, such as the hip or shoulders, due to the inter-connectedness of the fascial network.

In the long run, the Graston treatment technique has been proven to minimize pain, restore mobility, and improve the overall range of motion. This is why this technique has become so popular in rehabilitation treatment for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

South Barrie Health Group, located in Barrie, Ontario, is here to provide more details about how this physiotherapy technique can help you manage your condition.