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In-Home Physiotherapy

In-Home physiotherapy BarrieWho May Need In-Home Physiotherapy?

Whether you require post-operational rehabilitation, arthritis management, physiotherapy for seniors, or any other condition limiting your movement capabilities, our skilled team has dedicated experience and knowledge of in-home therapy. At South Barrie Health Group, we offer in-home physio for individuals who cannot travel and are eager to regain their independence and mobility. Our main goal is to help our patients live pain-free lives, regardless of their current state.

Do you have a persistent pain problem? If so, the quality of your life is not as high as it used to be. Not only do we tackle your physical issues with therapeutic massage and joint manipulation, but we also aim to educate you on healthy life practices. They include hydration, good nutrition, and exercises that you can do at home. Our goal during the therapy (including the in-home treatment of post-car accident injuries) is for you to feel motivated to maintain your well-being without regular physical therapy sessions.

Our First Visit

You can expect to be asked about your medical background, diet, and lifestyle when we visit you. Your physical therapist will carry out some diagnostic tests, including posture exercises and resistance tests. This will help us develop a tailored physical therapy treatment plan to address your pain and suggest lifestyle changes to prevent it.

We will provide a customized in-home physiotherapy program of various exercises and rehabilitation techniques. Where appropriate, manual therapy may be added. Besides, we will educate you on self care and answer any questions. With our convenient and effective physiotherapy services, you won’t have to worry about waiting rooms. Instead, you can enjoy relief in the comfort of your own home.

We know that not only inactivity, poor nutrition, and physical injury have the potential to cause daily aches and pains. Your mattress can also be a reason for discomfort. Inspect it occasionally, as the mattress with the lack of support can worsen back pain. Worn mattresses can lead to poor posture, muscle strains, and spine misalignment.

Inflammation is another significant contributor to aches and pains: as you relax in bed, the inflammation can thicken, causing joint immobility and pain the next morning. Unless you make a change, chronic pain can follow. Contact our specialists to tackle your issues and use our rehabilitation services.

How Often Should I Have In-Home Physiotherapy Sessions?

It varies based on the individual’s condition, treatment goals, and therapy plan. Patients with more severe cases (in-home treatment of post-car accident injuries) may be recommended to have more frequent sessions initially. A progressive reduction in frequency will follow once the condition starts improving. Our experts will monitor your results and make adjustments to the treatment plan as necessary to bring you the best outcomes.

Call Us For a Free Consultation

The South Barrie Health Group specialists can come to your home and provide various services to treat your neck/back/joint pain, post-operative recovery, post-car accident injuries, and many other conditions. Just contact us and ask how we can help you.