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Joint Mobilization Treatment

Joint mobilization treatment BarrieWhat Is Joint Mobiliation Treatment

Joint pain can be unexpected, with different causes coming from age or injuries. Joint mobilization is an excellent way to help address such imbalances between the stability and mobility of a patient’s joints. This kind of treatment is a reliable therapeutic method that involves an experienced manual therapist using hands, straps, or other tools to carefully apply force and technique to restore the joint’s mobility. 

Repetitive movements and poor posture in your everyday life can contribute to joint pain and discomfort. It happens because the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the joint are strained to support and try to stabilize it. 

Applied with skill and care, joint mobilization therapy in Barrie can reduce pain and increase joint stability. In addition to aiding in alleviating arthritic pain and chronic back pain, joint mobilization can decrease symptom severity and bolster muscle strength. It has the potential to provide significant relief from discomfort, allowing for improved well-being and mobility.

South Barrie Health Group has experienced therapists who can suggest the form of physiotherapy most beneficial for you.

Special Features

During a joint mobilization therapy Barrie session, the physiotherapist stabilizes the patient’s joint segment while applying pressure to another part of it. Such use of passive movement to aid specific joints is a common treatment method. Employed by physiotherapy experts, this treatment requires applying a particular amount of force, direction, and technique.

The good news is that such issues as sprains, muscle or ligament damage, or whiplash respond well to this treatment. 

How Does The Joint Mobilization Treatment in Barrie Look Like?

At South Barrie Health Group, we recognize that every case of joint pain is different. We manage each of them with a custom-tailored treatment plan. To get the most out of an initial session, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing so that our therapist can easily assess and evaluate your joint for a range of motion, pain level, and tissue tension. After examination, we will inform you what to anticipate and to feel, as well as guidance on how to take care of the area after the session to enjoy the best outcomes. Different modalities, such as joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, and postural retraining, might also be suggested. 

Depending on the patient’s case, our specialists will choose a class of joint mobilization treatment. Velocity, amplitude, and type of movement (pulling, thrusting, holding steady) during your session will be selected correspondingly. Some of the above classes will include stretching tissues attached to the problematic area.

At South Barrie Health Group, we can help you take steps toward healing, even if your pain is chronic or acute. Contact us today to find out more.