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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping BarrieAn Injury or Condition Causing You Discomfort? Kinesio Taping Can Help

Physical limitations and pain can prevent us from doing our daily tasks and living as we want. At South Barrie Health Group, we are committed to providing treatment for our patients to make them find relief and return to a life with minimal pain. 

Kinesiotaping in Barrie is a treatment that helps us address your condition. It has made life a lot easier for many of our patients, allowing them the freedom to go about their normal day-to-day activities without any discomfort.

What Is a Kinesio Tape?

It is an elastic tape to be used in the areas where joint support or muscle relaxation is required. This flexible and comfortable tape can reduce pain while helping your body heal naturally. Kinesio taping is not the same as using an elastic bandage. It modifies rather than constrains shoulders, wrists, and ankles movements.

This pain-free technique is used in physical therapy and assists the body by creating a rubber-band effect to stabilize joints, tendons, and muscles. As seen on many athletes, the tape can be worn for an extended period.

Benefits of Kinesio Taping in Barrie

Firstly, its use leads to increased muscle strength and activity. Additionally, it can block pain receptors which helps the muscles of the affected area relax, which in turn helps to decrease swelling.

Some of the many advantages of Kinesio taping (athletic taping) include managing scar tissue, stabilizing joints, and pain relief.

Although initially developed for athletes, anyone with soft-tissue injuries, pulled or inflamed tendons can benefit from Kinesio taping in Barrie. It can effectively reduce pain and improve muscle and tendon performance.

Physiotherapists at South Barrie Health Group will create a customized treatment plan for you that would include Kinesio taping to assist in restoring your peak physical performance.

Kinesio (athletic) taping treatment becomes more effective with other physiotherapy methods like stretching, exercises, or manual therapy. When it is part of a treatment complex, it can improve your performance, whether you are a professional athlete or just looking for relief from joint pain.

Your First Consultation

Our physical therapist or chiropractor will evaluate your state at your initial appointment. It is required so that we can decide if Kinesio taping in Barrie is the right option for you. We will also explain the step-by-step process necessary to achieve optimal results during the consultation. 

Request an appointment with us today and regain control of your life! Just listen to your body, and let us assist you with getting back to life without pain.