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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy BarrieWhat Is Manual Therapy in Barrie?

Manual therapy applies hands-on techniques to decrease issue tension and pain (chronic and post-surgery). It also increases blood flow to the injured area. At South Barrie Health Group in Barrie, Ontario, we understand that many individuals may be uncomfortable with the treatment due to their condition. However, rest assured, our practitioners have extensive knowledge, resources, and techniques of manual therapy Barrie that can help relieve the pain. Our treatments are intended to improve overall function, restore movement, and eliminate pain so you can return to life without any additional discomfort. Our team of professionals uses a variety of techniques to reduce inflammation, aid healing, and improve mobility. They are trained to assess individual patient restrictions and their capabilities to create the best treatment plan for each case. Depending on your condition, you may feel pain reduction very soon; in some cases, it may happen after the first session.

Manual therapy Barrie is an effective treatment for individuals having back pains, hip pain, knee issues, etc. This is a safe, non-invasive option, as it doesn’t require any addictive medications or external devices. To make the results even more considerable, our specialists prescribe exercises in addition to manual techniques. Another example could be the use of manual therapy in physical therapy to identify why a particular muscle is unresponsive and how to treat such a condition.

How Does a Session with Our Manual Therapist in Barrie Look Like?

Let’s look closer at the manual therapist’s actions when treating a patient with knee pain. To identify the potential cause of the discomfort, a therapist will evaluate the joint and tissue condition and the associated weak areas. Through manual techniques and therapeutic exercises, the manual therapist will support the restoration of movement, reduce suffering, and facilitate curing.

Manual therapy Barrie addresses various discomforts, such as those caused by muscles, posture, and chronic conditions. Depending on the nature and the symptomatology, our specialists use different approaches. They may include stretching and pressing to interact with soft tissues, using movements of varying speed or controlled muscle contractions.

Massage therapy, although related, is aimed at relaxation and can not be used instead. At South Barrie Health Group, our highly skilled manual therapists with more than a 42-year of combined experience are qualified to apply various techniques. It will help you reduce pain, swelling, and tension while improving flexibility. Manual physiotherapy Barrie is tailored to each patient’s unique needs, and their tolerance is monitored to ensure they are comfortable. 

Due to risks associated with various conditions, treatment options must be customized to ensure a safe and effective result. For example, those with joint hypermobility or lower bone density may not be suitable for manual therapy. Our care providers consider all these risks when tailoring the most beneficial treatment. 

Ready to Live Without Pain?

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