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Manual Traction

Manual traction BarrieWhat Is Manual Traction?

It is a non-invasive technique to help relieve pressure on vertebrae discs, increase mobility, and alleviate pain in the lower back, neck, and joints. The physical therapist applies force on your neck, hips, or legs by using hands or mechanical devices to create traction. It feels like a gentle stretch with no pain or strain during the application.

Pain relief can be achieved through traction of the vertebra from the disc, which reduces the pressure on the disk, thus decompressing the nerve. Utilizing this treatment can help manage the discomfort related to the condition, potentially leading to improved mobility and long-term health outcomes.

For those dealing with lower back pain, manual traction can bring much-needed relief and allow resuming activities you once enjoyed. At South Barrie Health Group, we specialize in pain treatment, providing an assessment and individualized treatment plan to ensure our clients receive the care they need. During the consultation, we will inform you of what to expect. After that, you will have time to ask questions before we start. During the procedure, you can ask us to modify the traction so that you feel comfortable. After the session ends, we will advise you on your home exercises to speed up healing.

How Does Manual Traction Work?

The manual therapist manipulates the spinal vertebrae and relieves pressure on tissue and nerves. For cervical traction, some gentle pressure will be applied to pull the head away from the neck. It will take the pressure off your nerves, while lumbar traction involves gently gapping the pelvis from the lower back.

When this decompression technique is performed by one of our physical therapists, it can provide relief from herniated or prolapsed discs, sciatica, etc. 

If you have some of the above conditions, we can help you thanks to our experience in manual traction. Our colleagues are dedicated to relieving pain by creating a treatment plan most applicable to your condition to get you moving again.

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Traction is just one of the therapies we offer to help you return to an active and pain-free life. You do not have to live with pain – contact us today to know more!