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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy BarrieHow Can Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy in Barrie, ON, is a natural and effective way to reduce pain and strain associated with everyday activities, chronic conditions, and post-injury rehabilitation (e.g., massage therapy after a car accident). It has also proven itself to be highly effective in patients with acute or chronic pain. To treat these and many other conditions, certified massage therapists in Barrie with the expertise to manage and mobilize soft tissues (muscles, connective tissues, etc.) will interact with them using their hands. Such manipulations will include pressure and movement to restore and support tissue health. Massage therapists at South Barrie Health Group can help loosen tight areas by manipulating the muscles and tissues. They will also speed up the recovery processes and instruct patients on avoiding future injuries.

Opt For a Free Consultation

During the free consultation, a South Barrie Health Group specialists will discuss your medical history (including the information on your recent surgeries and injuries), desired results, and assess the client’s current condition. They will make sure that you are fully informed and provide you with all the necessary information regarding your massage therapy treatment. Your input is essential because it will enable us to tailor the plan in accordance with your case. We want to ensure that you are comfortable and that your goals are realistic. Please be advised that your treatment plan is adjustable at any time. It is not mandatory to undergo any part of the treatment, and you will only proceed with your consent.

How Does a Massage Therapy Session Look Like?

Our experts are qualified to assess and manipulate the body’s soft tissues in order to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and muscle spasms, reduce swelling, and perform other manipulations required to manage the patient’s issue. During the massage therapy in Barrie, the specialists of South Barrie Health Group will use their hands to target problem areas, choosing among the variety of massage types such as

  • Swedish (gentle relaxation),
  • deep tissue (more intense to loosen up the deeper tissues),
  • sports (has adjustments required to improve the results or speed-up rehabilitation of sportspeople),

and other types depending on the patient’s condition.

These are not the only forms of massage therapy available at South Barrie Health Group. You can address us if you are looking for myofascial release (relaxation of connective tissue covering muscles) or prenatal massage (gentle massage, safe and comfortable for both mother and baby due to minor positional adjustments).

Besides the massage therapy Barrie, our specialists will advise on improving posture, stretching, and general relaxation techniques.

Given the benefits of this kind of therapy, it is unsurprising that the popularity of massage is constantly growing. In addition, certain insurance companies may reimburse its cost, including cases connected with automobile (massage therapy after a car accident) and workplace safety (work injuries).

No matter your massage needs, South Barrie Health Group is the place to go for it. Our trained specialists will provide you with the treatment your case requires. Make an appointment today to determine how massage therapy can help you.