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McKenzie Method

Mckenzie method BarrieMcKenzie Method for Pain Treatment

The McKenzie Method has been providing treatment for musculoskeletal pain for decades. With a reputation of the most research-tested approach worldwide, this method focuses on treating the back, neck, arms, and legs. To better understand how the McKenzie Method works, let’s look at how it is used to diagnose pain first. 

Despite being commonly known as a set of exercises that people can do themselves, the McKenzie Method is actually a program of assessment, treatment, and prevention strategies with specialized movements and manual techniques laid out by experienced physical therapists. This approach provides pain relief by extending the spine. Thus, the pain will move from the arms or legs to the back, where it has two main features:

  • from the patient’s point of view, back pain is less discomforting, 
  • besides, the treatment is more effective there.

Please be advised that we will not recommend the McKenzie Method to patients with medical contraindications.

Initial Consultation

Before proceeding to the treatment plan, we want to ensure that the patient understands the treatment and has the same goals for the healing process as we do. To do that, we first assess the patient’s condition, medical contraindications, and how an injury occurred. It will allow us to determine the diagnosis. Changes in the patient’s body and his/her symptoms are examined to classify the patient into a spinal or extremity category, after which an appropriate recovery plan can be created.

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Involvement and Education

The McKenzie System of mechanical diagnosis and therapy forms a treatment using movements and positions that eliminate the patient’s discomfort. At South Barrie Health Group, we emphasize that treating pain is not all we do, we also teach our patients how their body works and how to react to pain. With no heat, cold, or ultrasound treatments involved, the method aims to relieve pain as fast as possible and reduce the need for return visits to the physical therapist.

Informing patients about their bodies, enabling them to take hold of their pain and control it through exercises and other strategies, is a unique feature of this method. Patients can keep using it as long as they need to. It can provide relief to a suffering muscle or joint without the necessity of surgery or medication. 

By controlling proper posture and body mechanics, individuals learn how to respond to pain, even in acute phases requiring frequent exercises. Studies have shown that while the McKenzie Method may not be superior to other kinds of treatment of acute pain, it is superior to other approaches when it comes to treating chronic back pain, neck, or extremity pain. So, those seeking relief should look to the McKenzie Method for help.

The McKenzie Method is a simple and incredibly rewarding approach. The gratification we get from seeing our patients curing their pain is unbeatable! 

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