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Myofascial Release

Myofascial release BarrieLooking for Muscle Pain Relief?

If muscle pain accompanies you every morning, if your muscles are stiff with few localized points, you may be living with myofascial pain. The good news is that it can be relieved through a myofascial release procedure in Barrie, ON. It aims at helping patients with venous insufficiency, jaw joint disorders, chronic pain in the neck and head, and other injuries which cause pain and discomfort. South Barrie Health Group offers this treatment to help people improve their mobility and regain control of their life.

What is Myofascial Release Treatment?

This massage technique utilizes carefully determined pressure points to improve the elasticity of the fascia (tissue covering muscles, nerves, and organs). This kind of therapy targets the tension of the tissue around the muscles, which is why it is wrong to think that its target is the muscle itself. The thing is that fascia is connected to every part of your body; thus, a problem in any part of your body may echo with discomforting feelings in another part.

By applying manual pressure to the affected area and encouraging physical and mental relaxation, myofascial release in Barrie can provide significant relief, reduce stress, and decrease pain and inflammation. 

Our physical therapists are experienced in recognizing the areas of tension throughout the body and dispersing them effectively. They do it by massaging and stretching the affected areas, allowing the body to heal and improve flexibility. Beneficial effects may also include better circulation and relaxation throughout the body.

How Does a Treatment Session Look Like

To get started with it, contact South Barrie Health Group. Our specialists will begin by interviewing you for your medical history, examining problematic areas, and creating an individual treatment plan that considers all your health factors. The myofascial release in Barrie should not be applied if you have fractures, open wounds, or conditions requiring blood thinners. Our experts have profound knowledge of this massage technique and all its limitations, so they will choose this kind of treatment only if it is completely safe in your case.

During the treatment session, our therapists will address the pain caused by trigger points in the fascia. You can feel them as small knots. The therapy will reduce tension and pain in these points. This type of massage (including the myofascial release after a car accident) does not necessarily target the connective tissue surrounding the muscles in pain. It may concentrate on areas further away from the source of pain. If required in your case, we will advise on self-techniques for muscle pain relief using a foam roller or roller massager after the treatment session.

Any Questions Left?

Myofascial release therapy effectively treats pain caused by car accidents, whiplash, falls, or compressed nerves. This non-invasive and safe treatment is a great choice to restore the patient’s pain-free life, including cases when myofascial release after a car accident can be applied. Combined with massage, stretching, or other types of therapy, it can help to restore balance and improve functionality and mobility.

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