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Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment BarrieWhy Do You Still Have Neck Pain?

Neck pain and stiffness can be especially discomforting when it starts affecting your day-to-day activities. According to the statistics, about 30% of the population has experienced this in any given year. The pain can radiate down to the shoulders, extend from the base of the skull to the top of the shoulders, and eventually reach the back. Pain levels vary from dull aches to sharp and stabbing pains. South Barrie Health Group acknowledges that neck pain can even lead to disability, so we are committed to providing relief from neck pain after a car accident, surgery, sports injury, or due to another cause.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

The neck consists of seven small bones (cervical vertebrae) connected with each other and has disks acting as shock absorbers. This connection is very flexible, giving you a wide range of motion.

Symptoms of neck pain may vary and could include not only headaches (migraines) or pain when moving your neck but also 

  • weakness, pain, or numbness in the upper extremities, 
  • stiffness in the upper body, 
  • difficulty moving your hands up,
  • pain traveling to the area of your ear or behind the eye, 
  • clicking noise,
  • dizziness when looking up or to the side,
  • difficulty sleeping, leading to fatigue and low emotional state.

These above are the most common symptoms that may make you seek treatment for neck pain in Barrie. For individual consultation with our physiotherapist, who can professionally assess your condition, please get in touch with us.

Why Do You Have Neck Pain?

  • Whiplash. This injury comes from a brief, intense force such as a vehicular or sports collision affecting the tissues in the rear of the neck. If the cervical vertebrae are cracked, spinal cord damage may arise. Most whiplash cases will start showing signs of improvement in a few days or weeks if normal activities are kept up, and the neck is kept mobile (consult your doctor in case of any doubt). 
  • Joint deterioration due to aging.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis manifesting itself through pain, swelling, and bone spurs in the neck area.
  • Muscle sprains (in ligaments) and strains (in muscles) could also cause neck pain. They may be a result of overuse, fall, or poor posture. Another cause for that might be lifting heavy objects. 
  • Compression of nerves due to a herniated disc.
  • Post-surgery pain.
  • Poor posture when sitting, walking, or working.
  • If your mattress or pillow is too soft or hard, you may feel discomfort in the morning.

How to Avoid Neck Pain in the Future

To avoid overly stress on the neck when driving a car, make sure all seatbelts are correctly adjusted, and headrests are not too low.

When sitting at the table, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips. It is better to use a hardback chair than the soft one. Check that your desk is not too low and you do not have to bend your head and back.

The mattress and pillow should support your back and neck, so your head is level with your body. If not, consider changing them to more comfortable ones.

Ask your occupational health adviser at your company about arrangements to help you avoid neck pain. If you do not have one, make an appointment with us for a consultation about treating neck pain in Barrie.

Be active. Human bodies are designed to be in constant movement. That is why keeping still for a long time may make your joints and muscles stiff.

How Can We Help To Manage Your Pain

Fortunately, pain relief is possible without major medical treatment. There are ways to help ease muscle spasms, clicking and grating noises, numbness, and tightness. So, physical therapy in Barrie can find the cause of your pain and return you to normal, pain-free functioning.

How Will Your Consultation and Treatment Session Look Like

Your free consultation will start with examining your neck and neighboring areas to assess your current state. We will ask you questions to determine the causes of the neck pain. This will help us develop a treatment plan for neck pain in Barrie. Our experts will make sure you have a complete understanding of the techniques before undergoing them. If there are procedures you should avoid, we will also let you know about that.

Our physical therapists may suggest manual therapy, exercises, or acupuncture, depending on your condition. Other treatments, such as heat or cold therapy (to ease the soreness or to keep your muscles warm) and the occasional manipulation, may be included in the treatment plan. Massage may also help to relieve tight muscles. To reduce the risk of re-injury, you should learn how to keep a proper posture. Our specialists will advise you about that to help you improve your range of motion in the future. 

Any Questions Left?

If you seek rehabilitation after a sports injury in Barrie or treatment of neck pain after a car accident, if you have chronic or acute pain, just contact us. We have over 40 years of combined experience to help you live without neck pain. Contact us to book a free consultation.