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Personalized Stretching

Personalized stretching BarrieWhat is Personalized Stretching?

It is a comprehensive full-body stretching targeting every key muscle group and extremities, providing an excellent way to boost your mobility and alleviate tension. Personalized stretching is more effective than the self-led stretching.

Looking for Enhanced Performance or Recovery?

Personalized stretching helps relax or avoid injuries to muscles, tendons and joints, depending on your goals and condition.

In general, stretching leads to better longevity, providing our patients with a higher quality of life. We have invited the best physiotherapists with years of experience to work with patients of all ages and activity levels.

How Does the Personalized Stretching Session Look Like?

During the free consultation our specialists will assess your lifestyle and expectations from the stretching session. Sharing these details with your stretch therapist will assist him/her in identifying the type of stretches that could be most beneficial to you.

And during the sessions our patients can influence the intensity and flow of the stretches to reach the highest level of comfort.

This stretching technique has been proven to help people in their thirties. In this age they experience the snowballing loss of flexibility due to sedentary lifestyles. Stretching helps to boost levels of energy, improve posture, and range of motion. This ultimately relieves pain, stiffness, and increases confidence – all while reducing any additional strain on the body.

How to Make an Appointment?

Interested in improving the quality of your life? Call or email us to book a free consultation.