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Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Car accidentHave you or someone close to you been injured in a car accident? Learn about the advantages of physical therapy after a car accident by reading this article.

Pain relief is a natural reaction after any car accident, but the risk of chronic pain is much higher if you only rely on medication to manage your discomfort. Drugs and immobilizing devices may be effective in short-term pain relief, but they don’t necessarily help you identify what needs to be healed and how.

Immediate Physical Therapy (PT)

Beginning physical therapy after a car accident soon after your doctor gives you the go-ahead is essential for a full recovery. Disregarding the necessity to work out the areas injured in a car accident may lead to scar tissue build-up and a chain reaction of further issues

For example, an untreated neck injury can cause misalignment of the shoulders and back, because your body starts using nearby muscles more. This can even lead to more headaches.

Chronic Conditions

Common car accident injuries include damage to the head and neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, knees, lower legs and feet. After a car crash, it’s common to focus more attention on some areas than others while allowing pain medication to do the rest.

This can create a chronic condition over time.

The best way to manage chronic pain after a car accident is to maintain the flexibility, range of motion and strength of the muscles affected by hypoactivity. Physical therapy after a car accident can help you do this, as well as move in a more efficient way to reduce your current pain.

PT for those with old car accident traumas

Furthermore, physical therapy (PT) can help restore function and mobility in patients who have had car accidents in the past. Various strength training exercises rehabilitation techniques can help patients achieve as close to a painfree lifestyle as possible. Moreover, such kind of therapy is a safe and noninvasive treatment that does not need the use of opioid medications for relief.

What else can be treated

Traumatic brain injuries are also a common result of car accidents. Physical therapy can help those suffering from a TBI to regain their ability to walk, speak and focus. Depending on the nature of the TBI, your doctor may recommend a physical therapist specializing in occupational therapy.

When it comes to recovering from a car accident, physical therapy can make a significant difference.

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