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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation physiotherapy BarrieHaving a Surgery?

No matter the reason behind it, dealing with surgery is not easy. Post-surgery rehabilitation is a complex process geared towards getting a person’s physical functions, strength, and balance back to an optimal level. Getting through it takes time, dedication, and a trained professional. At South Barrie Health Group, we provide post-surgical rehabilitation services for a wide range of medical problems. These are meniscus repairs, hip replacements, and many others.

Post-surgery rehabilitation in Barrie will help you minimize the pain, decrease chances for infections, scar tissues, bleeding, and possibly avoid using strong painkillers.

Do You Need Post-Surgery Rehabilitation?

In most cases, in-hospital physiotherapy (PT) is not enough, and keeping on with it until you are fully recovered is highly recommended. The point is that not having finished the recommended course of rehabilitation may result in a long-term impact on your health and comfort.

How Does the Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Begin

Rehabilitation typically begins in the hospital after the operation, providing guidance on mobility aids, adapting to post-operative restrictions, breathing exercises, and pieces of advice as for performing daily activities. It will minimize pain without harming the healing process and your body. Depending on your case, continuing your rehabilitation with a physiotherapist may be recommended. Another option is to get a consultation from an occupational therapist who could advise you on performing basic daily operations (showering, cooking).

How Do We Treat Post-Surgical Pain

At South Barrie Health Group, our physical therapists will assess your condition, provide personalized treatment plans, and teach you how to perform daily activities safely. We use various techniques for specific body areas and modalities. They include joint mobilizations, massage therapy, customized stretches, and hands-on therapy that can help reduce or eliminate pain.

You can learn how to regain your independence in moving, manage your pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve lung capacity, increase comfort, and restore muscle strength through such techniques. Sometimes, this can help avoid strong prescription painkillers, which are highly dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible. The treatment plan may also include nutrition advice, psychological care, occupational therapy, and at-home exercises.

How Exactly Can We Help?

Let’s have a closer look at that. Please be advised that one of the ways to manage pain is to restore the normal functionality of an organ, joint, muscle, etc., by means of physiotherapy.

Range of motion, which is reduced after surgery, can be increased using proper exercises and techniques, as well as mobility aids such as walkers. 

Massage and exercises can help improve strength, flexibility, and muscle function in general. It can also help prevent falls by providing better balance and stability. 

Finally, physical therapy can improve blood circulation, which is vital to ensure the body gets oxygen and nutrients. By employing the right PT program, we strive to speed up your recovery.

How Long Does The Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Take?

Well, every patient of the post-surgery rehabilitation in Barrie wants to know that, but, unfortunately, there is no universal reply. Each case is unique, and so is the recovery speed of the patient’s body. However, we can estimate the time required after an assessment of your condition by our specialists. After a consultation at South Barrie Health Group, you will have the treatment plan customized to meet your needs.

Any Questions Left?

Our goal is to set you up for the best post-operative outcome. Our experts will provide support to your recovery process and pain management through various manipulations and exercises. They will try to avoid strong medication so that you can get back to your life faster. Contact us now to learn more about your rehabilitation options!