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Pre-Surgery Physiotherapy

Pre-surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation BarriePhysical Therapy Can Help You Before Surgery

Physical therapy is a beneficial healthcare procedure to consider after and before an upcoming surgery. It is beyond dispute that exercises, manual therapy, and other post-surgery techniques help maintain the range of motion, speed up recovery, and help avoid scar tissue. But do not hurry to say no to the pre-surgery one. Known as prehabilitation, pre-surgery physiotherapy is helpful for many patients undergoing various operations. 

From restoring functions and strength to reducing swelling and post-operative pain – physiotherapy can help patients achieve positive outcomes and lower the chance of complications. It can decrease recovery time and, in certain cases, lessen the need for surgery.

Why is that? The more fit and active you are going into a surgical procedure, the more likely you are to keep a higher level of function after. Pre-surgery physiotherapy can give you the best chance of a great post-operative outcome.

How Does Pre-surgery Rehabilitation Work?

Prehabilitation can be an integral part of the overall pre-operative care process. It prepares an individual before the procedure by effectively building muscle, increasing stamina, and helping a person both mentally and physically. Studies suggest that beginning pre-surgery physiotherapy about a month prior to a procedure (depending on your case) can greatly speed up the healing time. It can also help those scheduled for abdominal, pelvic, or muscle-skeletal surgeries, making them less likely to contract an infection after an operation. 

Examples of Pre-Surgery Physiotherapy

For example, a patient with an upcoming orthopedic surgery (ligament or bone issue) would greatly benefit from the prehabilitation exercises and procedures.

In case of a total hip replacement, we will not pay attention to flexibility exercises. But instead we will spare time training how to use walkers and learning exercises for the after-surgery period.

In most cases, if applicable, we will help increase strength and muscle mass. It will improve circulation, reduce atrophy, risk of muscle loss, and, thus, hospital stay after the surgery. The treatment plan may also include balance exercises to avoid falling.

Besides, patients who experience less pain have a lower risk of depending on painkillers.

Which Conditions Benefit from the Physical Therapy

  •  Shoulder/elbow/hand/wrist surgery
  •  Hip/Leg/Knee/Foot surgery
  • Spine surgery and others.

What Is Our Role in Your Pre-Surgery Physiotherapy?

Our physical therapists are experts at restoring normal movement and function. Through exercises, massage, and other treatments, they help patients achieve the best possible outcomes. The treatment plan may also include heat and cold therapy or other modality required in your case.

Knowledge is power. Education provided by our physical therapist helps to eradicate anxiety and boosts confidence in a more positive outcome.

At South Barrie Health Group, we know the positive effects that pre-surgery physiotherapy can have. That is why our mission is to provide you with the best treatment options available. 

We understand that surgery can take a traumatic toll on the body, so it is important you get used to the routine of physical therapy before the procedure. Our team will assist you in becoming better prepared physically and mentally before the operation. Doing the pre-hab program before surgery can give you the best possible start to your recovery journey, and we are here to take it with you.