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Return to Sport

Return to sport BarrieWant to Return to Sport After an Injury? We Are Here To Help You

Whether you are a novice or a professional athlete, physical therapy can help you recover from a sports injury as soon as possible and allow you to return to sport you love. South Barrie Health Group is here to offer you personalized rehabilitation programs developed to fit your individual needs.

Hurrying to return to sport may be one of the causes of musculoskeletal problems. These issues can be addressed if the necessary precautions are taken, such as allowing enough time for healing after an injury and adhering to correct recovery processes.

The treatment may be divided into three phases: 

  • Return to Participation (taking part in training with lower load or with alternative roles),
  • Return to Sport (higher load but still not the top performance),
  • Return to Performance (approaching or surpassing your results before injury).

Physical therapists at South Barrie Health Group are experienced in returning patients to their prior activity level. They have knowledge and experience in helping you avoid future injuries.  

How Does The First Appointment Look Like?

If you come to us with a “return to sport” request, one of our caring physical therapists will perform a thorough evaluation during the first scheduled appointment. He/she will ask you questions revealing the history of your condition, along with physical tests that will assess your current levels of strength, range of motion, and pain. 

After that, the physical therapist will work with you to create a personalized plan to address your musculoskeletal 

imbalances. Your treatment to return to sport will begin with exercises and/or procedures reducing pain. After that, you will work on increasing the range of motion and restoring strength. Your whole program will consider the instructions you received from your referring physician.

During a therapy session, our physiotherapists may use ultrasound or electrical stimulation together with a massage or joint mobilizations. This will help you reach your goal of returning to sport. Physical therapy is an effective way of alleviating acute and chronic conditions, including muscle strains, back pain, etc.

We believe in holistic and natural approaches to healing. So, in addition to reducing pain and inflammation, we also provide performance enhancement as a part of therapy.

Can You Help Me Return to Sport?

Knee injuries, strains, and pulls are one of the most frequent injuries among professional and amateur athletes. Our specialists will work with you to help you regain flexibility in injured areas, strengthen muscles, and reduce pain. 

If you seek rehabilitation after the fracture, we can support you by developing a special training program that includes functional movement.

At South Barrie Health Group, we understand the importance of returning to sport in the best and quickest way possible. That is why we create individual programs to help athletes mentally and physically prepare to return to the field. If you want to return to your favorite activities, contact us and schedule an appointment today.