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Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica treatment BarrieThe Most Widespread Kind of Pain

Do you have to be prudent with your activity level because you’re scared of exacerbating your back pain? Suffering from aching and discomfort in your back, buttocks, or legs? Many people often seek sciatica treatment or back pain relief – according to the statistics, it is the most common kind of ache.

Despite the distinctive attributes of back pain and sciatica, they are oftentimes confused. Back pain happens in the upper, middle, or lower area, whereas sciatica is a wider issue, leading to torment down the buttocks, thigh, or possibly the leg. Radiculopathy may also be a possibility, leading to numbness, tingling, or a burning level of hurting in certain parts of your leg. Generally, this happens due to a herniated disc (or bulging disk), bone spur, or any form of a pinched nerve coming from the spine.

Why You May Need Sciatica Treatment?

Suffering from back pain can be caused by

  • a car accident,
  • an injury related to lifting heavy items,
  • or an incorrect body posture.

Backache can be short-term, known as acute, or long-term, referred to as chronic (if a patient has it for more than three months).

Sciatica pain is caused by damage or irritation to the sciatic nerve. It is composed of five roots starting from the sacrum and lumbar spine all the way to the hips, buttocks, and one leg. Although it is a rather painful condition, it is quite easy to expose and handle.

Searching for more lasting methods for sciatica treatment and back pain relief? Rather than taking drugs to cover up symptoms, a higher root cause must be tackled. Physical therapy should be your primary go-to choice. There is then no requirement for opioids or going through a risky operation. Avail the services of South Barrie Health Group to begin your custom physical therapy program for back pain relief.

Back Pain or Sciatica?

Most individuals having back pain probably call it sciatica, although the actual condition they are experiencing is known as lumbar radiculopathy.

To understand if you really have sciatica, try making a test that can be performed even at home. By stretching the sciatic nerve, a positive result can be assumed if the symptoms deteriorate. Perform the test with both legs:

  • lay on your back, keep your legs straight,
  • flex the foot and lift the leg to 30 to 70 degrees.

A positive result would include pain spreading down the leg or the inability to lift the affected leg as far as compared to the other. If no pain is experienced, the test is considered negative. This indicates that a different condition in your back caused any pain you’re experiencing.

If your lower back pain is persistent, and you are looking for a sciatica treatment, our specialists at South Barrie Health Group, Ontario, are here to help you right away.

Lower back manifestations coming with sciatica can vary significantly. One might feel sharp and searing or mild, dull aches. These sensations can spread along the nerve path, and they may not only be painful in nature but also patients having a feeling of numbness and tingling. It is common to experience this issue in one half of the body. It can, however, be quite rare that one can feel these sensations on both sides at once. In most cases, the pain goes through the buttocks and back of the thigh. But one should not jump to conclusions about self-diagnosis since other back problems can imitate sciatic nerve pains.

Pain that Imitates Sciatica

The most widespread cause of non-sciatic pain is a herniated disc in the lower back. In contrast, the reason for real sciatica is pressure or irritation of one or more of the five nerves, called the sciatic nerve. Sacroiliac joint and piriformis syndrome can bring symptoms resembling sciatica.

Other Types of Pain

Feeling pain in your lower back but no symptoms in your legs may be a sign of the axial type of back pain, which is usually linked to overstrain and generally resolves with rest.

Methods for Sciatica Treatment and Back Pain Relief

  • Proper posture and healthy body weight can help stave off the chances of dealing with sciatica.
  • Not only are these two strategies essential to keep in mind, but abstaining from nicotine can also go a long way. This substance curtails circulation to the vertebrae, weakening the spine and discs.
  • Regular activity such as yoga, tai chi, swimming, or walking can make joints more pliant while supporting core muscles.
  • Emotionally and physically, back pain can be a strain. To counteract the depression and other mental issues related to dealing with this ongoing affliction, one may use techniques from the previous bullet point as cognitive strategies. They will take the attention off the painful sensation.
  • To prevent slipping and falling, shoes should be of a secure fit, and stairs and pathways should remain free of hindrances.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet can help to mitigate inflammation and accompanying pain.
  • It is also essential to note that bouts of pain could signify that the spine is out of alignment. That is why quick adjustments to posture should be made accordingly.

Naturally, surgery is one of the first things coming to the mind of a person suffering from pain, especially a chronic one. As for surgery, there are risks — including infection, a tear in the membrane that covers the spinal cord, and other risks which could delay the recovery process.

Compared to surgery, physical therapy is safer for back pain relief and sciatica treatment. Our physical therapist will also suggest exercises to strengthen your stomach and back muscles to support your spine. Besides, brisk walking, swimming, or similar activity can be good ways to stay active. Our specialists will introduce posture enhancements to reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

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