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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain treatment BarrieDoes Shoulder Pain Hinder You From Normal Life?

Shoulders are a rather complex body part. When something goes wrong, it can cause much pain. South Barrie Health Group offers natural pain management modalities to alleviate the discomfort associated with shoulder pain. 

Why Do You Have Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder may be in pain due to two factors:

  • Injury due to trauma (broken bones, injured nerves, tendons, or ligaments, etc.). It is characterized by swelling and, in some cases, a tingling sensation.
  • Overuse injury (bursitis, muscle strain, frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, etc). It develops gradually due to continuous stress on the shoulders.

Besides, there is osteoarthritis and a number of other causes why you might feel pain in your shoulders. So are the types of pain ranging from sudden and intense to persistent.

It is important to monitor the shoulder for increased pain or reduced function continuously. Seeking a physiotherapist’s attention early is preferable, especially in cases of shoulder overuse, since prevention in this case is better than cure. The goal of physical therapy is careful strengthening and balancing, improving shoulder strength, and reducing pain to allow them to perform daily activities once again. 

Can Physical Therapy Treat Shoulder Pain?

Receiving a customized recovery plan from a professional physical therapist is key to feeling better. Our team of movement experts is on hand to help you and comes with knowledge of diagnostic techniques. During the initial consultation, which differs from the treatment session, we will examine you to evaluate your stamina, strength, range of motion, coordination, and medical history. Besides, our specialist will talk to you to know more about your condition, its development, and your comments on it. Based on this, our specialist will make a decision.

How Do We Help

Physical treatment for shoulder discomfort may differ depending on the individual’s injury. 

  • Rest, cold, compression, and elevation are often recommended to reduce pain and swelling within the first few hours of injury. 
  • Later on, heat therapy may be used to relax the muscles. 
  • Hands-on therapy and stretching to increase range of motion, 
  • Joint mobilization assists in regaining flexibility,
  • Athletic and kinesiology taping are also often applied as treatment. 

Workplace ergonomics and home exercise programs suggested by our physical therapist may be applied for preventive purposes. It should be mentioned that the above methods will not be effective when used separately. The best results are possible when used as a complex.

It is possible to avoid surgery thanks to physical therapy, particularly for elderly folk. But the recovery time depends on the individual case. 

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

At South Barrie Health Group, we offer tools for shoulder pain relief. Our knowledge of imbalances and flexibility allows us to create a personalized plan that may involve physiotherapy and making the necessary changes to your everyday activities. 

Any imbalances can be rectified, and habits can be adjusted to keep future injuries at bay. For more info on the services available, contact us in any way comfortable for you.