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Sports Injuries

Sports injury treatment BarrieHave You Sustained a Sports Injury?

Sports injuries are far different from regular ones due to athletes pushing their bodies to the physical limits. Often it can happen when 

  • wearing sports shoes that do not fit your foot, 
  • overusing joints, muscles, ligaments, etc.,
  • lifting heavy weight.

Icing it may not be enough. Sometimes the best way to treat sport-related injuries is sports physiotherapy. If you suffer from such injuries, book an appointment with South Barrie Health Group. Our highly experienced physiotherapists can get you on track and back to the activities you love.

Our clinic understands the importance of rehabilitation and recovery from a sports injury. That is why we help athletes remain active throughout the healing process. We aim to improve movement, restore the body to ensure a good level of sports performance, and prevent the recurrence of injuries.

What Sports Injuries Do We Treat?

The most common injuries we treat at South Barrie Health Group are

  • Muscle strain which is usually inflicted when a muscle is overstretched or torn.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear or a medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear usually caused when the knees are pushed sideways or due to incorrect landing or changing direction when moving.
  • Shin splits, plantar fasciitis, and sprained ankles are also forms of leg-related injuries that can afflict athletes, usually due to overuse, incorrect posture, or tissue stretching. 
  • Stress fracture. Repetitive physical activities such as running and jumping can lead to muscles improperly absorbing the pressures. As a result, such pressure can cause overuse injury, particularly in the lower legs and feet. 
  • Tennis elbow, which affects tendons on the outside of the elbow, is another overuse injury. Poor usage of the racket can be a potential cause. 
  • Finally, Achilles tendonitis, which may be caused by overuse.

How Does the Treatment Begin?

First, we assess your muscle strength and range of movement, examine the injured areas, and, if required, perform some tests. Our specialists also ask you questions to determine the circumstances under which you sustained the injury to understand your current state and its causes fully. We do all that to elaborate the customized treatment program to meet your needs, taking your body condition and preferences into account. 

The recovery period will depend on the severity of your injury, how soon you started the physiotherapyб and other individual factors, which we will explain to you during the free consultation.

How Do We Treat Sports Injuries

Depending on your condition and contraindications, in most cases, your treatment plan may include manual therapy and stretches. These will help you increase your range of motion, regain mobility, and help reduce pain. Besides, we will recommend exercises to increase strength.

Our physios can also provide dry needling, sports massage, and teach body mechanics to ensure the body moves correctly and avoids injury reoccurrence. Knowing what to do, when, how, and why, can all be vital to avoid further sports injuries.

Check out South Barrie Health Group. Our physical therapists are all highly trained movement specialists well-equipped to get you on the right track.

Measures to Prevent Injuries

Although our professional physiotherapists can help with your recovery, it is always essential to take preventative measures:

  • use proper equipment and gear, 
  • adhere to adequate warm-up and rest periods, 
  • have training sessions with experienced professionals,
  • listen to your body and understand the right movement patterns.

These points above may seem obvious, but only some of our patients are aware of them.

Any Questions Left?

While injuries can be debilitating and keep you from pursuing your passion, the right sports injury treatment and physio rehab for athletes can help to restore normal movement and strength.

At South Barrie Health Group, our therapists understand the importance of athletes returning to their sports as quickly as possible. They will work hard to get you the desired results and ensure future injury prevention. We are passionate about helping return our patients to good health, and we work with them so that they can continue to enjoy their sports activities. If you have recently sustained a sports injury, book an appointment with us today and let us put you on the path to recovery.