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Work Injuries

Work injuries treatment BarrieWork Injuries May Cost You Time, Money, and Emotional State

Work injuries can result from any activity and a variety of places, from clerical work to labor sites. 

Unsurprisingly, a construction worker or firefighter can be injured, but an office clerk is also at risk. To get this kind of injury, risky physical action is not the only factor. It may be enough just to have a job involving repetitive motion.

The consequences of a work injury can be physical, emotional, and financial. There are various causes and types of work-related injuries, each requiring a unique approach. We provide our patients with our specialized knowledge to assess their damage and develop a plan to efficiently reduce their discomfort and return them to their previous work performance. 

What Do We Treat

  • Tendinitis (develops because of repetitive incorrect loading of body parts), 
  • carpal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression due to repetitive movements), 
  • back pain (a result of incorrect sitting or walking posture, sleeping position, or lifting a weight inappropriate for your physical state), 
  • sprains and strains (sudden stretching of muscles, ligaments, and tendons), 
  • car accidents (whiplash, sprains or strains, etc.).

These are some of the most common injuries we come across, but nevertheless, each one requires a separate and appropriate treatment plan. In any case, if you are hurt at work, it is essential to seek medical advice and treatment as soon as possible. 

How Do We Treat Work Injuries

At South Barrie Health Group, you no longer have to worry about your work-related injuries. We offer our expertise in physical therapy to develop a tailored treatment plan for fast recovery and pain relief. 

Our main goal is to make you move. In case of work injuries, movement is essential to maintain the range of motion and activity level in the future.

Using the most advanced treatment methods, we can reduce stiffness, pain, inflammation, etc. Our one-on-one sessions involve strengthening the muscles with exercises and stretches to increase flexibility. 

We will start treatment with a physical examination to evaluate your range of motion and other parameters related to the injury. After talking to you about your medical history and, if required, doing some tests, our physiotherapist will be ready to develop a recovery plan tailored to your needs.

We understand that work injuries can lead to financial stress, so our approaches are tailored to the customer to ensure an effective and cost-efficient recovery. Our methods aim to relieve pain without expensive prescription medication or surgery.

Depending on your case, the treatment plan may include

  • exercises to strengthen your body,
  • stretches for flexibility of joints,
  • acupuncture,
  • massage therapy, etc.

After a certain treatment stage, we may offer a home therapy program so you do not have to visit our office.

With a customized program of stretching and strengthening exercises, you will improve your overall abilities and will be able to return to your normal job performance. 

And in order to prevent any further injury or aggravation, therapists at South Barrie Health Group will also educate you on how to perform your job duties properly. 

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