Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Rehabilitation Services in Barrie, Ontario

Dedicated to getting you back to action using a variety of effective evidence-based methods, tailored to your individual needs. Extensive experience to tackle complex and simple injuries

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    How we treat

    A multidisciplinary team of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Manual Osteopathic practitioners use a caring, evidence-based, and natural approach to help treat your condition
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    Issues arising from dysfunctions or injury of the joints, muscles, and nerves of the spine and periphery

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    After car accidents, post-surgery, work injuries, sports injuries, and to improve athletic performance

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    Massage therapy

    In case of neuromuscular tension, scar tissue buildup, to improve circulation, relieve acute and chronic pain

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    Rehabilitation after car accident

    Full array of services to address all of your physical and psychological issues after car accident

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    Reduces back pain, neck tension, relieves headaces, joint and muscle pain, chronic pains, etc.

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    Concussion Management

    Post-concussion care and treatment of relative issues, including severe athletic concussions


    What we treat

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    Check areas of injury we treat

    • Headaches
    • Neck
    • Shoulder
    • Elbow
    • Wrist and hand
    • Back
    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Balance and walking
    • Foot
    • Ankle
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    Wrist and hand


    Knee, balance and walking

    Foot and ankle


    Customer Reviews

    People who have already used our services
    • The Doctor is very professional, the receptionist is very helpful. I recommend this place

      thumb Estela Lobchoy

      Highly recommend this place. The setting is comfortable. There is a waiting area. In the office in which the examination is carried out, there are necessary disposable items. The staff is very attentive and understanding. The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment. There is everything you need to get high quality services and assistance.

      thumb Irina Yusupova

      I chose this center because my friends recommended it to me and I did not regret about it. The attentive, positive attitude and high professionalism of Dr. Alex helped me quickly recover from the accident and since then I feel even younger..))

      thumb Michael Dramov
    • I had a very positive experience with this clinic. Dr. Alex and his team are very knowledgeable. They take individual approach and get to the root of the problem. If you have been injured in an accident or have any health concerns that can be addressed by a health practitioner- this is the No. 1 place to go for sure!!

      thumb Alina Nikiforova

      The best Rehab center! Everyone is great. Not overbooked, efficient and very caring. So lucky to have Dr Alex and his wonderful team!

      thumb Alex Breitman

      Wonderful experience at this health centre. The admin is really sweet and inviting. Dr. Alex, is a very thorough physiotherapist. He recognized my complicated issues and provided a very meticulous diagnosis. I felt the difference right after the first appointment. Would definitely recommend. Kudos to the team for their effective work and being so kind and generous.

      thumb naureen baquri
    • Very professional and responsible service. When I was facing a difficult time in my life, they were there to help me and my family. They were so professional and responsible. Thanks again for all your help.

      thumb MrDEMBELb

      Pleasant staff. Tidy and clean. Great knowledgeable chiropractor.

      thumb Vasilli Ryjikh

      Great experience and very effective. Having treatment in South Barrie with Alex and Nick for many years. First after my car accident and I go back for all my problems.Thank you

      thumb Tatyana D
    • Amazing experience all around. Treatment has been very effective and all staff is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Highly recommend especially if you have complicated injuries like I do from my car accident. These guys are experts in the area

      thumb Jj R.

      My experience with South Barrie Health group has been excellent. Alexander went above and beyond to help me with my treatments which were very effective. Emily at the front desk was also very helpful in making or changing appointments. Highly recommended.

      thumb Vickrum Singh

      Very great people. Very knowledgeable on all injuries. Myself and wife are greatful we were recommended to come here. .

      thumb jim edwards
    • Dr. Alex is the best! He got to the bottom of my problem on the first visit and now I can see massive improvement in my condition. This is my 3rd attempt at fixing my injuries with physio at different clinics and doctors, and I can truly say this team is different, because I can finally see results and understand my injuries!

      thumb Storage4all C.

      Great place. My wife went here for rehab after a car accident and now they have been helping me out with my back problem. Great service and have been very helpful. Highly recommended.

      thumb albert suleimanov

      I visited South Barrie Health Group after a bad accident and was immediately welcomed by Alex and his staff. They have not only helped me with recovery, but also provided helpful information and resources on every visit. Staff is professional and share great support on how to cope with injuries. Highly recommend these guys to anyone who needs rehabilitation services.

      thumb Anatoli Gourouchkine
    • I highly recommend south Barrie.. Great staff very caring and attentive to your needs.

      thumb Joanne Savard

      The staff at South Barrie Health group have been amazing with me. I recommend them not only for the quality of their work but for the hospitality of the staff. Breanne was fabulous she even went out of her way to give me extra appointment reminders due to a Brian injury memory is an issue. Thank you Alex for your help with my recovery.

      thumb Kimberly Savage

      Very amazing staff. Alex is a professional physiotherapist . I truly recommend him. Thank you for helping me with my problem.

      thumb Valery Smolyr
    • The best physiotherapist around. The staff are so patient and understanding. They are extremely flexible and friendly, always a pleasant experience!

      thumb Sharley Jansen

      AMAZING PLACE!! Feels like family, honestly cares,listen, gets the job done

      thumb K H

      Always caring and companionate They take the time to ask questions and listen. Thank you for exceptional service.

      thumb nancy young
    • I had really a good experience at South Barrie Health Group and would highly recommend them. The best Chiropractor Dr. Alex and the best RMT in the city. They take the time to find the cause of your problem and then explain it in a way that anyone can understand.

      thumb Kristina Erchov

      Thanks for your help Dr. Alex! Have gone to 3 physios, 2 chiropractors and have never been better then I am feeling now in the last 10 years at least. It was a bit of a process and took about 8 months but the result is well worth it. Back pain is gone and has been for awhile now and I understand how to keep it away or how to deal with it if it gets worse. Recommending you to everyone now. Thanks again!

      thumb George Koufos

      Was referred here by a friend who was very happy with the doctor and staff. Came in to get my shoulder fixed up after a pretty bad car accident. Excellent treatment and overall experience. Can’t believe the difference, I can move my shoulder now!

      thumb Anton Ry
    • All of the staff is great: friendly, knowledgeable and professional! They provide excellent care!

      thumb Alex D

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    We specialize in multidisciplinary treatment, individual approach to each case and patient’s preferences

    • Treatment of complex cases
    • Evidence-based approach
    • Thousands of satisfied patients
    • 25 types of rehab services

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