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Dedicated to getting you back to action using a variety of effective evidence-based methods, tailored to your individual needs. Extensive experience to tackle complex and simple injuries.

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Injuries sustained in a car accident can be devastating and seem overwhelming. With our vast experience in rehabilitation after complicated injuries, we offer a full array of services to address all of your physical and psychological issues. We are fully licensed and direct bill all insurers so you never have to pay upfront. Physiotherapy Car Accident Barrie, Essa, Innisfil, Cookstown, Angus, Thornton


ORTHOTICS are custom made medical grade inserts that go inside your existing footwear to correct a number of painful and debilitating conditions.

Custom made orthotics
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We utilize a variety of techniques and exercises in order to solve your back issues and help you stay pain free!

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Whether caused by an injury or overwork, we have a variety of approaches in our arsenal to address you problem effectively. Chiropractor, Physio, Massage, Acupuncture.

Suffering with neck pain?

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Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of factors and need to be approached on case by case basis. In majority of cases headaches are caused by issues in musculo-skeletal system. We carefully diagnose the root of your problem and tailor the treatment accordingly.

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Chiropractor, Physio, Massage, Acupuncture.


Pain in the shoulder? Knee pain?

Age, injuries, overuse all can result in damage to the joints and surrounding structures. We have effective ways to address your joint pains, providing you with non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical solutions to your issues.

Chiropractor, Physio, Massage, Acupuncture.

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Our Services

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From passive treatments, such as electro modalities, LASER, Therapeutic Ultrasound, to active therapeutic exercise-based rehabilitation. Our therapists have a wide variety of techniques at their disposal to provide treatment tailored to your needs. Physiotherapy is often beneficial or absolutely necessary to aid in recovery after car accidents as well as post-surgery, work injuries, sports injuries, to improve athletic performance and quality of life. At South Barrie Health Group


At South Barrie Health Group we utilize a variety of evidence-based hands-on approaches to treat issues arising from dysfunctions or injury of the joints, muscles, and nerves of the spine and periphery. Chiropractic treatment can be extremely effective in alleviating such issues.

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Massage Therapy Barrie

Massage Therapy

Our RMT utilizes a variety of techniques to help with neuromuscular tension, improved circulation, scar tissue buildup after injury or surgery, relieve acute and chronic pain.


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